That title was not my idea, but is literally what Python called the tutorial, and I legitimately laughed out loud. That aside, the tutorials have been getting more difficult, and are taking wayyy longer than they have before.


One critique that I have for Python is that many of the tutorials, I don’t even need to read the the information, as they are more about following directions and instruction than understanding the process. So I would read the directions, be confused about what I had read, and then literally just look at what the directions were telling me to do, instead of trying to understand what I’m doing — maybe this is part of the process?


For example, in the photo above, I read the explanation of the tutorial, along with the examples, but really did not understand the ‘Boolean‘ concept. But because the instructions just said to assign the variable to the value, I literally just copied, pasted, and ran the code, and it said I did it correctly. Sooo…what does that mean? I’m not sure.

To combat this, I have been watching YouTube videos (like the one below) to go along with the Python tutorials. It has been helpful because I’m finding it extremely difficult to understand the tutorials fully, without a deeper explanation or connection; with the videos, I’m able to see what they’re doing, hear an explanation, and hear questions and answers about the specific topics being learned, and then apply it to the specified tutorial.

I think that’s all for now though…Stay tuned to hear about my progress next week, and don’t forget to comment with any questions or suggestions you may have!


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