Throughout my adolescent years and into early adulthood, I have learned French, learned how to play the flute and guitar, how to juggle, how to run 5ks, how to knit, even how to ride a unicycle! Because of this, I’ve been struggling to choose a new topic of focus for my EDTC Learning Project, but think I’ve finally decided on something – coding! I know absolutely nothing about coding, or even how to go about learning about it, so figured it would be interesting to track my progress through something that is completely foreign to me.

I have read countless articles, and watched video after video on YouTube, about successful entrepreneurs like Tim Berners-Lee, Bill Gates, and Elon Musk, who have created empires in the world of technology. And the basis of what these empires are built on, is going back to the fundamentals, learning the code, creating the code, manipulating the code, and building up from there.

If any of you have read my introduction, you will have learned that I, up until now (even now, but I’m trying to change it), have a strong distaste for technology. I have never really understood why, and I think that has partially added my distaste, until I starting looking into coding. Backtracking a little bit here, but it adds to my story – I have a background in Sociology and Psychology, and the theories rooted in both of these disciplines rely on understanding human behaviour within social, geographical, biographical, physiological, and psychological contexts. Essentially, they’re about going back to the basics to understand why and how we are, the way we are. I am the kind of person that tries to understand everything and everyone, and usually I don’t have a problem doing so. With technology though, I’ve never gone back to the basics to understand how or why things work in the way that they do. I think because of this, I have the tendency to become easily overwhelmed and frustrated with whatever kind of technology I may be using, whether it’s a laptop, camera, tablet, cellphone, or vehicle. So by learning what coding is, and understanding it a little better, I’m hoping to shift my thinking from absolute dread, to something more manageable, and something that I can find success with.

This video was my starting point, as something to pique my interest, and has actually got me really excited to learn more!


3 thoughts on “Bro Code”

  1. This is a fantastic learning project, wow everyone has picked such great things throughout this semester to learn! But, really what better way to add to your technology growth than to learn coding! I think too if you need to understand and learn the basics of everything this may help you pursue this growth in technology and all the aspects of it. I love it, how did it go?

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